Future of work

This elective covers all the key themes that are currently discussed under the header of the future of work. The world of work is rapidly changing as digital technologies, new supply chains and business models, as well  as demographic change, impact the employment patterns and conditions on the labour market. In most countries, employment per se is not the key challenge any more, but the quality of jobs has risen to the top  of the agenda. Poor wages, increasing wage inequality and another wave of automation through machine learning and data driven business models concern policy makers greatly.  The course is divided into three parts:

•    The first part will deal with labour market trends, in particular polarisation, skill developments and remuneration. 

•    The second part will look more specifically into issues of the quality of work: the role of algorithms, the gig economy, remote working and data protection, but also diversity, anti-discrimination and work-life  balance. Here we will look into the changing content of many workplaces.

•    Finally, we will spend the last couple of weeks on the regulation of work through collective bargaining, workers’ voice and labour standards.