Gender, diversity and conflict

The course seeks to explore the dynamics and impact of gender roles in conflict and peace processes. It will begin with an introduction to the basic legal and normative frameworks in which internal peace initiatives develop and will look at key issues, practices, and challenges when considering gender and peacebuilding. Through a series of lectures, films, presentations, and interactive exercises, students will increase their understanding of the different roles of women and men in preventing, mitigating, and resolving conflicts. By the end of the course, participants will have learned a core set of gender analytical skills and be able to address the following questions with in-depth of understanding: What is the women, peace and security agenda? What are the important international principles related to gender and peacebuilding? Do men and women address conflict differently and why/why not? How does violent conflict affect women and men? How does the understanding of gender roles assist in the analysis of conflict and peacebuilding? Do men and women negotiate/mediate differently? Practical considerations in developing a gender-sensitive conflict resolution process.