Global internet governance

During its first phase, the internet seemed to develop as a free space without regulation or interference of public or private authorities. Gradually, however, the internet is becoming increasingly regulated. International organizations, private firms, and states try to shape it according to their preferences. This course will look at the evolution of global internet governance. It focusses on the changing role of key actors and conflicts between them – the conflict between private or public oversight, the rise of multistakeholderism, and the attempts of democratic as well as authoritarian states to increase their regulatory grip. It also focusses on key issues of global internet governance such as privacy protection, content control, or cyber security. The course starts from the assumption that despite its dynamics, internet governance is politics like any other and can be understood with standard social science tools, and with concepts from international relations and political science in particular.

This course is for 2nd year MIA and MPP students only.