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Global regulatory power

15-17 November 2021 | Executive seminar

In an increasingly interconnected world, many policy issues and governance challenges can only be addressed at the global level. Over the last few decades, under the guise of global governance, complex regulatory systems have emerged that encompass a variety of actors and now span a wide range of policy issues, including non-proliferation, trade, finance, climate policy and labour standards. This course zooms in on global regulatory power more specifically.

Participants will study how different forms of regulatory authority have emerged and set the standards for global interaction and exchange; why such standards have (not) been successfully agreed upon and implemented; and analyse different institutional constellations, solutions and instruments, including, on the one hand, partnerships between governments, international institutions and societal actors, and on the other hand, private regulatory authority. Particular attention will be paid to the recent contestation and politicisation of multilateralism and standard-setting beyond the state, as well as to the implications for the future of global regulatory power. Examples and case studies will be drawn from different policy fields, with a special focus on the governance of economic globalisation.

This seminar is offered as part of the Executive MPA programme and in the open enrolment programme.