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Inclusive organisations in the digital age

8-10 May 2023 | Executive MPA Seminar

‘Inclusive organisations in the digital age’ seeks to explore issues related to the management of workforce diversity in organisations, with a particular focus on innovation-oriented organisations. It aims to draw from various insights from political science, sociology and organisational studies in order to explore a number of aspects playing a role in current debates around social diversity more generally.

The course plans to cover at least four relevant themes. First, it will provide a succinct overview of how democratic theories on equity, representation and inclusiveness are reflected at the organisational level, as well as the practical challenges involved. Second, it will discuss how demographic changes and other environmental factors (legislation, cultural shifts, competitive pressures, etc.) operate as determinants of workforce diversification processes, and how context shapes the resulting configurations. Third, it will explore different models for the management of workforce diversity in the context of fast-changing environments that involve the role of leadership, organisational culture, recruitment and appraisals, as well as communication. Finally, the course will discuss the evidence on the impact of workforce diversity, both on the organisations and their services, particularly on how it affects dynamic capacities and the delivery of services to different clienteles in the digital age. For each of these topics, the course plans to offer a deep perspective, comprehensively tackling key debate, and addressing the many open questions that remain within this timely topic.

This seminar is offered in the open enrolment programme and as part of the Executive MPA programme.