International law and governance

The course International Law and Governance covers fundamental aspects of public international law with a view to engaging students in structured debates on issues of contemporary global governance. In six blocked sessions throughout the second spring semester 2019 (and as many team counselling sessions), students will develop various skills and techniques required for presenting an international legal argument in various contested fields of global public policy. Overall, the course aims at providing the necessary toolkit for understanding both the constraints and potentials of international law in the context of globalized international relations.
The interplay between legal arrangements and policy processes will be at the core of the course. Special attention will be paid to current policy debates and how international legal arguments are inserted into them, or ignored. The course aims at developing an understanding of the ways in which legal arguments are shaped and deployed by policy makers, judges and scholars alike. Students will be able to build a critical perspective when confronted with the materials and cases; they will also see the extent to which legal arguments will frequently be cast aside in the policy process.

This course is for 1st year MPP students only