Master of International Affairs  

Negotiation and mediation in international conflict situations

The course will focus on the practical application of the tools of mediation and negotiation in international conflict management.

After an introduction to the available tools, their legal framework and their history, the course will look at the possibility of their use for the prevention of conflict, its management as well for post-conflict rehabilitation and conflict transformation. This will be demonstrated using the example of real-life cases, where the discussion will focus on their use, their shortcomings and their potentials.

By the end of the course, participants will 

  • Understand various tools of negotiation and mediation in conflict
  • Understand their potentials and limitations.
  • Understand which tools have been used where and be aware of their real-life track records.
  • Be familiar with various institutions focussing on negotiation and mediation as conflict transformation tools.
  • Understand how principal players in international relations make use of these tools.