International organisations

International Organizations are tasked with solving some of the toughest global problems – from climate change to international conflicts. Understanding their power, limitations and how make decisions is crucial for understanding international affairs. Particularly because many of today’s international organizations were established in the 20th century. Yet today they are faced with a new set of problems, and they must balance their existing mandates with new issues. International Organizations must also respond to changing power dynamics as new emerging powers, NGOs and civil society actors become influential players on the international stage.

Finally, they must demonstrate their effectiveness and value for money to donor states who are under pressure from their own publics during an era of global recession. How are international organizations adapting and maintaining their legitimacy in this changing environment? This course examines how IOs are responding to the challenges of 21st century global politics. It focuses on IOs in the development, humanitarian, environment, and gender spheres. 

This course is for 1st year MIA students only.