Law and economics of innovation

The subject of this course is intellectual property rights with a focus on their effect on markets and trade. Particular attention is paid to main forms of intellectual properties, i.e patents and copyright. We cover notions and analytic tools from the economic theory of innovation accompanied by an introduction to the legal environment and innovative industries. The course focuses on markets in which firms invest in research and development and interact strategically with competitors, suppliers and regulators. The relevant topics are considered in a broad sense, ranging from the theory of inter-temporal investment to the role of government programs by public procurement.

This is a 2nd year elective with a Finance and Trade concentration. It can be taken in place of C8 Economics II, for students who completed GRAD-C7adv Advanced Economics during the Fall 2019 semester. If you took GRAD-C7 Economics I Intro and received a recommendation, you may also take this elective in place of C8 Economics II. Please note that in each course we have designated spots for both 1st year students and 2nd year students. As with all electives, 2nd year students with the respective area of concentration will get preference within the designated spots for 2nd year students.