Leadership for new leaders

12-13 June 2018 | Skills Training

Leadership — like many other aspects of management — is an exercise in carefully balancing choices in order to achieve defined goals. Leading individuals, groups or dedicated teams, a leader — on a daily basis — faces a multitude of decisions regarding different (often conflicting) aims, procedures, and interests.

This Skills Training views and explores the leader's role as being the central link or interface between "the team" and "the outside", including the crucial and related aspect of communication.

The course is aimed at professionals who would like to prepare for future leadership roles as well as for leaders who are (or still feel) new in their leadership role. Participants are encouraged to contribute cases from their own experience, and receive relevant and practical feedback regarding their individual leadership roles and concepts.

This skills training is offered in the open enrolment programme and as part of the Executive MPA programme.

It can also be completed as part of the

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