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Leading from the inside out

This course aims to help students develop strategies for self-leadership by practising self-awareness and self-reflection as a means to developing one's resilience and enhancing the ability to empathise with others. It will also provide practical tools for managing one’s time and resources. The course will help students answer questions such as: How can I stay afloat amidst a myriad of things to juggle? How do I prioritise and how do I manage stress? What do I hold on to when everyone is holding on to me?

These questions are typical to anyone who works in demanding environments and definitely to leaders. Considering that most Hertie School students end up in such working environments, it is essential that you start early with developing ways of (and tools for) leading yourself better, as well as managing your time and priorities. Moreover, being on top of your own game, focusing on your efficacy, resilience and motivational drivers is key to leading others successfully and reliably.