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Making change feasible: Institutional change and reform

16-18 May 2024 | Executive MPA Seminar

The public sector needs to change. In order to meet increasing demands and more complex challenges, established structures and processes need reform. But how? While the need for reform is almost universally accepted, the right strategy is contested. Calls for “major changes” and “breakthrough” reforms are widely voiced. But such strategies often fail, while more incremental strategies do not seem to be sufficient. This course introduces participants to the logic, pros and cons of different reform strategies. Particular emphasis is put on the logic of negotiation and bargaining in reforms. Drawing on rich research in political science and public management on institutional change, and real-world cases – including your own cases – we will explore to make change feasible.

Main topics and learning objectives:

  • Understanding the logic, preconditions and prospects of different administrative reform strategies.
  • Discussing the dynamics of negotiation and bargaining in reforming the public sector and introducing policy change.
  • Developing the analytical skills to design feasible and successful reform strategies.

This seminar is offered in the open enrolment programme and as part of the Executive MPA programme.


  • Kai Wegrich , Dean of Research and Faculty and Professor of Public Administration and Public Policy