Management and leadership: Making sense of public management tools

This course builds on the C3 “Public Management I” course and aims to deepen the knowledge of public management by focusing on a more practice-oriented and organisational perspective on the design and application of specific management tools and their implications for public sector leadership.

In recent years, concerns over the effectiveness and efficiency of public sector organisations and their capability to innovate and deliver services have encouraged the widespread application of a wide spectrum of management tools, but also broader public management reform concepts such as collaboration, co-production, e-government and public sector innovation. These instruments and concepts have often been developed in the private sector and are now increasingly transferred to the public sector, with adaptation and translation with regard to the specific context of public sector organisations.

This course will improve skills in applying selected management tools to specific situations in the public sector context, including classic government organisations, non-governmental sector, social enterprises and international organisations. Students will also acquire an understanding of the merits, challenges and limitations of implementing such tools.

This course is for 1st year MPP students only.