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Multilateral negotiation training

This workshop teaches and trains key negotiation skills and techniques with a particular focus on international multilateral negotiation. The aim is to make participants understand the constraints and specifics of international negotiations and to relate competencies relevant for many work environments, both in politics and administration, but also in the corporate world. This Professional Development Course (PDC) is a good complement to the PDC "Negotiation Training", but it can just as well be taken individually.

Methodologically, we rely on an active learning and participant-centred approach. We combine theoretical and analytical tools with practical exercises, team work, group discussions and feedback. The first part of the seminar introduces the conceptual basics of multilateral negotiation, as well as basic skills and techniques. Then we proceed to a more complex exercise - a simulation game on a regional resource conflict - that allows the participants to test and improve their skills in a multilateral political negotiation. By walking through the process step by step, we deal with aspects such as the chairing of a negotiation, the importance of informal negotiations, as well as dealing with deadlocks or difficult negotiation partners.