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Negotiation training

This seminar teaches and trains basic negotiation skills and techniques. It does so by combining theoretical input with practical exercises. The aim is to make participants fit for negotiations in their future work environments. Methodologically, we rely on an active learning and participant-centred approach. We combine theoretical and analytical tools with practical exercises, team work, group discussions and feedback.

The first part of the seminar introduces basic concepts of negotiation (including the well known 'Harvard method') and enables the participants to test and improve their negotiation skills in different exercises, mostly in bilateral settings. They are also invited to reflect on and give and receive feedback on their personal behaviour in negotiations, and are introduced to the fundamentals of a good preparation for negotiations. The second part focuses on the skills needed in more complex cases and settings, such as when dealing with difficult negotiation partners and in multilateral negotiations.

This course is for first year MIA and MPP students only.