Master of International Affairs   Master of Public Policy   Master of Data Science for Public Policy  

Nonprofit organisations: Management and policy

The increased importance of non-profit organisations – as service providers, vehicles of developmental or humanitarian assistance, policy advocates and social innovators, as well as instruments of government reform and privatisation – has moved this set of institutions closer to the centre of policy agendas. The course will provide an introduction to the conceptual background, examine the various theories that have been proposed, look at aspects of organisational governance and performance, and, for the most part, deal with management models and policy frameworks. The course is interdisciplinary and comparative in the sense that we will examine non-profits from different theoretical as well as national and international perspectives. The course uses a variety of instructional formats, e.g., lectures, seminar-type discussions, in-class presentations, as well as guest lectures.

This course is for 2nd year MIA, MPP and MDS students only.