Performance management

5-7 March 2018 | Executive Seminar

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This course provides the knowledge and the tools to apply performance management in public sector organizations and in the non-governmental sector. It aims at helping participants to draft results oriented objectives and key performance indicators that are embedded in wider frameworks like goal mapping, and performance scorecards. The course also focuses on the downsides of performance management and what to do about it: chiefly facing the immeasurable and fighting the manipulation of scores and performance indicators.

Apart from having a hands-on performance management and combining practical and theoretical work in the seminar room, the course will allow participants to learn the elements of success and failure of performance management from diverse government experiences.

In this context, seminar participants will discuss the usefulness, challenges and limitations of performance management approaches as well as lessons learned with regard to a successful and failed implementation.

This seminar is offered in the open enrolment programme and as part of the Executive MPA programme.

It can also be completed as part of the

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