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Policy issues in macroeconomics

The course uses macroeconomic theory to analyse some of the major issues of our present time. It consists of a series of lectures, assignments and student presentations. The topics covered in lectures include:

•    The decline of productivity growth in the West in the past four decades, the decline in real interest rates and rising asset prices.  
•    The effect of government debt and deficits on investment, the stock of capital and welfare.
•    Financial booms and crises.
•    Pensions, the pattern of lifetime saving and the consequences of population ageing and declining population growth rates.
•    Global warming and investment in green technologies.
•    Changes in income and wealth inequality.
•    The macroeconomic effects of expenditures on national defense.

Students are required to have taken a course in macroeconomics at the intermediate level.

This course is for 2nd year MIA, MPP and MDS students only.