Professional writing for public policy

Whether you will work in government, in an NGO, a political party, parliamentary staff or a think tank – you will always strive to put forward public policy ideas. Public policy ideas however, can only really succeed when their goals get recognised and understood by the public. Therefore, they need to be explained clearly to the news media. To that end, policy-makers should package their ideas into one of the two main products that can be processed by journalists and editors: the press release and the article.

Of course, offering these two products to the media does not guarantee that they will cover it and that your policy idea will be readily embraced by the public. But it gives you a fair chance to make your voice heard. Hence, everyone working in public policy should be confident in structuring her thoughts like this and writing them down in an easy-to-comprehend fashion.

To prepare you for this, the course will teach you the basic techniques of these two types of texts. At the same time, it aims to help you sharpening your writing skills overall. Eventually, this course should also strengthen your sense of developing storylines and narratives that resonate with the public. 
Every student in the course is expected to write a One-Page-Press-Release OR a Two-Page-Article on a subject of her/his choice at home and upload this text to Moodle before the feedback-session takes place, as well as to read the texts of all the other participants of the course so that you can give all of your classmates constructive feedback in the feedback session.