Public financial management: Challenges in emerging market contexts

Executive seminar

This seminar takes a closer look at various challenges associated with public financial management which arise in emerging market contexts, with a focus on revenue-related issues. What are specifics of revenue strategies in emerging market countries? How should revenue agencies be organised? In some countries, most funding for public investments comes from international donor assistance. What complications do multiple donors introduce to the management of public projects? What role do other sources of funds, such as those from international capital markets and the private sector, play?

The seminar covers institutions involved in the implementation of budgetary policies. It pays particular attention to tax policies and tax administrations, as well as to arrangements that facilitate cross-governmental cooperation. Participants gain an understanding of institutional design requirements for implementing financial and fiscal policies.

Participants of this course must bring along good knowledge of financial management or should visit the Executive Seminar “Fiscal Rules and Budgeting” (which has a developed country focus and looks at expenditure management in more detail) as a preparation for this course. 

Not offered in 2018/19. This course can be customised for organisational clients. Learn more.