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Reconstruction of Ukraine: Policy and academic discussions and practical challenges

Although the outcome of the Ukraine war is unclear, there are already many thoughts in policy circles and academic debates about the future reconstruction of Ukraine. The objective of this course is to better understand the current discussions on how to support the Ukraine in the medium and long term, from an economic and reconstruction perspective. The course will thus highlight the most important current policy and academic thinking on how best to support the reconstruction of Ukraine and facilitate possible EU accession. Most importantly, it will examine the practical challenges for policymakers in a rapidly-changing environment, as well as the challenges the many stakeholders that would like to assist face.  

In this, the course will cover the different pathways of reconstruction, ranging from a) emergency response, b) rapid restoration of critical infrastructure and services and c) ideally laying the foundation for future growth, modernisation and possible EU accession. For this purpose, the course will examine the different sources of assistance, including bilateral aid (country to country), multilateral institutions (the World Bank, UN, EIB), non-governmental institutions (Doctors Without Borders), private sources (private foundations and individuals) and possibly seized Russian assets. 

The learning objective is to better understand the current debates around the reconstruction of Ukraine, in particular the dialogue and practical challenges between a complex donor community and a government that is at war. The course will include writing an individual policy memo discussing different policy options and some group work, presenting the interests of different stakeholders. The focus of the course might change slightly depending on current events and available data. 

In summary, the learning outcome will be about: 

  • A better understanding of current academic and policy debates around the reconstruction of Ukraine 

  • An overview of different stakeholders involved and their interests 

  • Formulating (partial) policy options for the reconstruction of Ukraine