Regulatory policy and governance

Governments across the globe seek to reform the way policies and regulations are designed, adopted and implemented. This "regulatory reform" or "governance" agenda seeks to establish tools - such as Impact Assessment, Consultation, Evaluation and more recently digital tools (crowdsourcing, apps for accountability) - to make policymaking and regulation more evidence-based, balanced, and inclusive. In this project course, we work with the World Bank group to explore key challenges for adopting and implementing such reforms in diverse contexts ranging from developing countries and emerging economies to the European multilevel system. Student projects will focus on key challenges in regulatory innovation. At the beginning of the project course, the practice partner will invite students to submit research proposals on such challenges (see below for details). Students will have to submit (short) proposals (research plans with methods, milestones, budget, etc.) and deliver a final presentation and a policy paper on the basis of their own proposal (and feedback from the practice partner).

The project course offers students insight into a key international reform theme and the challenges of applying these reform tools to contexts beyond the standard OECD countries; students will also practice the working style of policy-oriented research organisations. 

This course is for 1st year MPP students only.


  • Kai Wegrich , Professor of Public Administration and Public Policy