Reporting Human Rights Cases

This project course focusses on writing human rights case reports of selected and recent cases from the United Nations Human Rights Treaty Bodies. The course will start with an introduction to the United Nations Treaty Bodies and the Right to Individual Petition before them. It will focus on the practical and normative significance of human rights cases for concretisation, promotion and protection of human rights principles. The course will then turn to the development of key skills for writing human rights case reports. These include analytical skills of summarising and critically evaluating complex events and arguments and the technical skills of following style requirements – an essential component of a real time publication. In the third part of the project course, students will prepare human rights case reports working in teams.  In the final phase, the course will involve presentation of their work and final editing with a view to real time publication.

The course will be conducted in close co-operation with Oxford University Press United Nations Human Rights Law Reports, for which Professor Çali is the editor in chief. Central to this course is the transfer and application of theoretical concepts and methodological tools in the field of human rights case reporting to a practical and real time context.  The case reports that the students will work on, provided that they meet the substantive and style guidelines, will be delivered to OUP. Students will be recognised as the single author for their work. Associate editors from OUP United Nations Human Rights Law reports as well as other experts will be involved in the project.  Self-funding opportunities and UN sessions permitting, one session of the course may take place at the UN in Geneva. But this is a matter of consideration and not a promise.

This course is for 1st year MPP students only.



  • Başak Çalı , Professor of International Law | Co-Director, Centre for Fundamental Rights