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Shape tomorrow, but how? Impact and change pathways

The Hertie School's motto "Understand today, shape tomorrow" surely encapsulates the motivation driving many who sign up to its courses. Once you may hesitatingly have concluded that you understand something, the tricky question of how one might go about having an impact and how this shaping business works, becomes more urgent. This course aims to do three things:

1. Equip the students with a theoretical framework of thinking about societal change. This will draw on many sources but focus on the frameworks suggested by Duncan Green, Senior Strategic Advisor to Oxfam, and highlight the roles of technical innovation, civil society activism, law and advocacy in particular. We will look at case studies and also draw on the experiences of the instructors. This will promote student's thinking about multifaceted change processes in a more structured way and open up new perspectives on how change can be driven and achieved.

2. Support students in implementing new learnings about change processes in hands-on policy examples picked by them. The aim would be for students to develop ideas and roadmaps attempting to tackle a problem of their choice. This could be a problem on any scale.

3. Encourage students to reflect on their own impact journeys and where they can see themselves adding their voice and skills to causes they care about. This can be driven both by examining the nature of the problems they are considering and their own skillsets, attributes, professional goals, risk tolerance, etc.