Master of Public Policy   Master of International Affairs  

Starting a social business from scratch

This course is for Hertie School students who are interested in starting a business/nonprofit, who have a project or an idea but don't know how to pursue it further, who wish to work in ‘start-up adjacent' industries of corporate innovation, digitalisation or innovation in the public sector or consulting, where they may have to deal with ‘innovation' or ‘start-up' topics, etc.

This course is designed as a conceptual overview as well as a ‘how-to' guide where students will both be offered a broad overview of the field, giving them the basic concepts to further engage with a stronger conceptual basis. It is also partially a crash course, offering them a basic blueprint on ‘getting started' with an idea or concept. While not exhaustive, the course should offer a ‘jumping off point' for would-be entrepreneurs to understand how to test, prototype and plan an iteration of a new business concept.