Statistics II

This course is intended for students with prior statistics knowledge and who were granteda waiver from the Statistics I course. Detailed information on the waiver process will be communicated in due time. The course introduces students to an array of commonly used statistical techniques with a strong emphasis on application. It is a main ambition of the course to familiarise students with a sound approach to quantitative research starting from a research question to its operationalisation and result interpretation. Wherever possible, learning is designed around the review and replication of published research. Theoretical foundations are introduced in this process as required. All classes take place in the computer lab and comprise an applied review of hands on assignments and a theoretical introduction to a new topic. The completion of weekly problem sets is a key component of the course. The course covers some advanced topics in the analysis of cross-sectional data before moving to time-series and panel data analysis as well as limited dependent variable models. The introduction of non-parametric methods and tree regression approaches will be covered as time permits.


  • Jan Minx , Professor for Science Policy and Sustainable Development