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Strategic and performance management

10-12 October 2022 | Executive MPA Seminar

The question of how to manage (pro)actively and improve the performance of an organisation or agency is a core question of management. Faced with tough performance imperatives from nearly all sides, governments and administrative organisations need management systems that enable them to manage and deliberately control the performance of their organisations. Strategic management and performance management are two management systems that focus on this challenge and offer guidelines on how to deal with it.

Strategic management focuses on the long-term, success-oriented development of an organisation by analysing and adopting processes and decisions that will shape its future performance. Performance management deals with targets and the definition, measurement and control of performance on various levels of an organisation. However, strategic and performance management are highly interlinked management systems. The course is designed to give a compact introduction to core ideas and concepts of both strategic and performance management and of how they can be successfully applied in a public sector context.

Upon successful completion of this course, students should have gained a thorough knowledge of (and demonstrate a range of competencies in) areas including:

  • Understanding and identifying the contribution and opportunities strategic and performance management offer for improving and managing performance in the public sector;
  • Knowing and analysing different approaches and characteristics of strategic management approaches used in the public sector;
  • Analysing a specific working context using the strategic and performance management process and defining potential measures for improvement;
  • Becoming acquainted with different approaches to measuring performance and the possibilities as well as limitations of performance measurement in the public sector.

This seminar is offered as part of the Executive MPA programme and in the open enrolment programme.