Master of International Affairs   Master of Public Policy  

Strategies and skills for advocacy and lobbying

This seminar improves and challenges participants' competencies in effective lobbying. The training will provide some theoretical background and room for discussion on different concepts of lobbying. But the main focus will lie on practical situations and examples, as well as skills training. In addition to group work phases, the training will include shorter and longer exercises including feedback from the instructors. At the end of the training, participants should:

- have understood the complexity of the lobbying field, the challenges involved as well as debates around the issue of legitimacy and transparency.
- have become familiar with different concepts, strategic tools and approaches, including actor and process mapping, coalition building and presenting information etc.
- have an insight into practical do's and don'ts of the lobbying trade and have improved their practical skills in the following: analysing the playing field, dealing with the media, preparing for and conducting meetings with relevant actors (politicians, clients, partners, etc.) and being convincing.

This course is for first year MIA and MPP students only.