Strategies for effective lobbying

This seminar improves and challenges the participants' competencies in an interactive way. It will provide some theoretical background and room for discussion on different concepts of lobbying. But the main focus will lie on practical situations and examples, as well as skills training. In addition to group work phases, the training will include shorter and longer exercises including feedback from the instructors. At the end of the training, participants should...

· ...have understood the complexity of the lobbying field and the challenges involved in the different sectors and contexts, as well as the critical debates on transparency and legitimacy.

· ...get to know and practise different concepts, strategic tools and approaches, including actor and process mapping, coalition building, presenting information etc.

· ...get an insight into practical do's and don'ts of the lobbying trade; have improved their practical skills, among others in the following respects: dealing with the media, preparing for and conducting meetings with relevant actors (politicians, clients, partners, etc.).

About the instructors
Simon Raiser and Björn Warkalla both hold a degree in political science from Freie Universität Berlin. In 2005, they founded the company planpolitik. As directors of the company they develop and facilitate roughly 100 workshops and seminars per year. Together they have more than 15 years of experience in developing and organising political simulation games in academic and non-academic contexts. Since 2001, they also regularly work as visiting lecturers at several universities in Germany and abroad.

Since its founding in 2005, the team of planpolitik has specialized in the conception and realization of interactive event formats on political, economic and social issues. In this context planpolitik uses activating and creative methods, such as simulation games, idea labs and future/creative workshops, and the development of scenarios or campaigns. In addition, planpolitik implements methodical trainings as well as skills trainings. Since 2005, the team of planpolitik realized more than 1,000 events on various topics with more than 30,000 participants worldwide. The list of partners comprises governmental bodies, such as the German foreign ministry, universities all over Europe, foundations, NGOs, as well as companies. Moreover, in 2013 planpolitik has started developing an online simulation game platform.