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Team building and leadership

This seminar improves and challenges the participants' team-building and leadership competencies in an interactive way. It will provide some theoretical background on leading and working in teams, but mainly it will help transfer this knowledge to practical situations. In addition to group work phases, the training will include several shorter and longer exercises including feedback from the instructors. At the end of the training, participants will have:

  • Been introduced to the idea of leadership being essentially about dealing with complexity and about making decisions in complex situations
  • Understood the concept of different leadership approaches and started reflecting on and further developing their own leadership style
  • Gained insights into different ways of leading and working in a team and will be able to relate this to their experience from other work contexts
  • Been introduced to the concept of transformational leadership as well as the importance of strengthening resilience within the working environment
  • Have improved their practical teamwork and leadership skills in the following respects, for example: Defining the structure of the team, organising the workflow, establishing clear and realistic goals, communicating effectively, recognising and managing conflicts, coaching and motivating team members, etc.