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The European Union in the world

This course analyses the European Union’s role in global politics—a topic widely discussed in Brussels, across the EU’s member states, among Europe’s citizens, and within NGOs. Why does the Union not respond more quickly, more coherently and more effectively across the world’s multiple crises? This will be our key question in class where we explore the EU’s external relations, ranging from near-exclusive powers in trade to limited competences in security.

The course first introduces the conceptual and normative debate about Europe's global role; discusses the origins of the EU as a global actor; and familiarises students with the institutions, instruments, and decision-making of EU foreign policy. We then analyse key issues of external governance, including trade, aid and development, crisis management and conflict resolution, as well as “soft” foreign policy questions such as global environmental policy and the external dimension of internal security. The course concludes by looking at EU enlargement and Europe’s “near abroad”. The teaching is designed to equip students with the empirical knowledge, theoretical understanding, and analytical skills necessary to explain and critically assess the EU’s actorness, effectiveness, and impact across the range of its external policies.

This course is for 2nd year MIA, MPP and MDS students only.