Master of Public Policy  

The fifth force: How multi-stakeholder partnerships shape international development

The course will explore the role of (mostly global) multi-stakeholder partnerships in international development and offer insights into the rationale for their emergence, their potential and actual power and impact, and in the determinants of their evolution, success and failure, both individually and as a portfolio. The course will provide relevant historical and theoretical context, and it will invite students to understand the rationale for the emergence of multi-stakeholder partnerships over the past 30 years or so. During the initial modules, concepts and tools for analysing, designing, and shaping (global) partnerships will be introduced, respectively from the vantage points of sovereign decision-makers (governments and their sub-national entities), of private sector entities, and of civil society. Subsequently, individual project assignments will involve assessing existing multi-stakeholder partnerships within major SDG “groupings”, considering their evolution, progress made, and likely future, developing practical recommendations for improvement. This is a course about power, inertia, and influence in international development. The project assignments will offer students the opportunity to learn how and why different organisational and governance set-ups can hinder progress or be a means of introducing innovation and shaping decision-making. Students will learn how to use tools and analytical approaches when designing, assessing, leading, managing and working with (global) multi-stakeholder partnerships.

This course is for 1st year MPP students only.