Master of Public Policy   Master of Data Science for Public Policy  

The policy process: Digital governance

This course aims to give students an introduction into public policy, policy analysis and the policy process. Public policies are the instruments with which the state attempts to exercise control over the public domain. Policy analysis deals with choosing the best means to obtain a specified end. The policy process focuses on the capacity of political actors to decide about these instruments.

While the theme of the course is the policy process, the examples used in the course are taken from digital governance and platform regulation. As states become more digitized increasingly governments are trying to influence digital transformation. On the one hand, digitization is strongly connected to economic growth. On the other hand, digitization also has important social and political consequences, many of which are considered to challenge political stability and democracy. This course focuses on the development of a European approach towards co-regulating social media platforms in an effort to stabilize democracies in Europe.

This course is for 1st year MPP and MDS students only.