Master of Public Policy  

The policy process: Policymaking in the European Union

The course focuses on public policymaking in the European Union. After introducing the challenges of making public policies in a multilevel governance system, students will be acquainted with the main actors in charge of policymaking in the EU and get to know the different stages of the policy process - from policy formulation to lawmaking and implementation. In the second part of the course, selected policy areas will be analysed more in depth, so as to gain a practical understanding of EU policymaking dynamics and relations among different national and supranational actors across policy sectors. By the end of the course ,they  will be able to grasp the complexity of a multilevel political system, as well as acquire sector-specific knowledge of major policy areas in the EU. They will be able to distinguish between different stages of the policy process, evaluate why a policy is designed the way it is and reflect upon the practical and normative implications of systems' structures on policy outcomes. Students will be assessed throughout the course with a presentation, a mid-term essay and a final research paper.