The policy process: EU Governance

The subject of this course is policy-making in the European Union (EU). First, we will analyze how problems end up on the political agenda. Secondly, we will research which actors, structures and processes influence a specific policy. And thirdly, we will study in which way this policy is implemented. As the EU is suffering from multiple crises, we will explore these questions for governance of the Euro-crisis, the refugee crisis, the populism crisis, and finally the cohesion crisis with Brexit. All these crises have to do with the challenge of cultural, economic and political difference within and between the Member States of the EU. This is why we will focus throughout the course on the relation between policy-making and the challenge of difference in the EU. It is the aim of this course to get empirical knowledge about the European policy process and to investigate the conditions which allow to transform cultural, economic, and political difference into a positive potential for successful policy-making in the EU.

This course is for 1st year MPP students only.