Master of Data Science for Public Policy   Master of Public Policy  

The policy process: Health as social policy

The course serves as an introduction to the foundations of public policy including the policy process, ex-ante and ex-post policy evaluation, policy development, problem identification and policy implementation. The first part of the course will focus on the general principles of policymaking where students will learn the core theoretical foundations of the policy process and how to do public policy. The second part of the course will apply these lessons to policies in the health sector. We will compare and contrast the policy process and outcomes of various jurisdictions such as the EU, US, India etc. We will also study the multi-level governance of health policies and the role of supranational organisations such as the WHO, UN and WTO in determining local policies. Specific aspects of governance of and for health will be covered through topics related to pandemic policy, pharmaceutical policy, gendered nature of policies and 'Health in All Policies'. The course will equip students with the skills to identify key policy issues, evaluate policies both ex-ante and ex-post, lead policy analysis and apply such skills to other related fields of interest.

This course is for 1st year MPP and MDS students only.