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Workshop in Berlin

7-10 November 2023 | Workshop: Policymaking and administration in Germany

This course offers students the opportunity to experience the German machinery of government and policymaking first-hand and interact with experts, policymakers and practitioners working in and for the German government system.

The workshop aims to help participants to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of the German government system in dealing with key policy challenges such as digitalisation, Covid-19 and sustainability/climate change and critically reflect on how experiences can be transferred to other government systems. The workshop will combine sessions located at the Hertie School with visits to ministries and other public sector organisations in Berlin.

The workshop in Berlin is intended to focus more deeply on specific features of policymaking and public management reform in Germany in order to broaden participants’ understanding of current approaches to and implementation experiences. For this reason, the following policy fields/issues have been selected as especially relevant to be presented on, discussed and evaluated for potential transfer.

The workshop is targeted at students interested to learn more about the German government system (e.g. students from abroad or private sector).