Financing options for executives

External funding and loans

Deutsche Bank – Personal Loan for tuition fees

The Deutsche Bank offers personal loans covering tuition fees up to a maximum of 75.000€.

  • EU citizenship and residency in Germany
  • Employment contract (> 6 months) in Germany
  • Must be taxable in Germany
  • German bank account
  • No securities (e.g. guarantor)


  • Possibility of unscheduled repayments, free of charge
  • Duration of credit: up to 95 months with consistent monthly rates
  • Fixed interest on debit


  • ID / Passport and city registration
  • Employment contract
  • Last two salary statements
  • Bank statement of the last four weeks

Send above mentioned documents to Christian.weichhart[at]db[dot]com

More information is available in the External funding section.


Hertie School-funded Scholarship and Financial Aid

The Hertie School grants a limited number of tuition waivers (scholarships and financial aid; mostly reductions of the tuition fees) to a small number of excellent and motivated candidates. Please check the scholarships and financial aid section for details.


Modular entry

A modular entry into the Executive MPA Programme is possible via the Executive Seminars and Certificates. All courses offered are Executive MPA seminars of 2-4 days each. Certificate participants select a certain academic focus and accomplish four courses (11 days in total) within a period of one or two years. There are no scholarships or reductions of the tuition for this programme, but credits earned can be recognised if a participant later starts with the Executive MPA (all tuition fees paid for seminars and certificates are offset against the EMPA tuition fees). 


Support from employer

Many of our part-time Executive MPA participants receive some sort of support from their employer. This can be in the form of non-financial support, such as more flexibility or extra-leave, but also as financial support. Seminars and certificates are very often supported by the employer as an integral part of continuing education.


Financing options for employees of the German higher civil service and Deutsche Bahn AG

  • Employees of the higher civil service ("höherer Dienst") working for German Federal Ministries and their subordinate agencies can be financially supported. Download: Call for Applications. Please contact your personnel department or empa-admissions[at]hertie-school[dot]org for details.
  • The Executive MPA programme is member of the Deutsche Bahn (German Railways) Master Programme. [more]

Other options

  • In most German federal states, legislation allows employees to attend continuing education courses (paid educational leave - "Bildungsurlaub") for several working days per year with no loss in earnings. Please check your state government or the following website (in German) for details.
  • In Germany and many other countries, tuition fees are also fully tax-deductible as professional training expenses.
  • Own resources: Last but not least, an investment in your education can pay off. Participation in a high-profile executive education programme can be key to taking the next step in your professional life, to preparing you for a career change, getting challenged intellectually, reflecting, adjusting and expanding your horizon, meeting new inspiring people and to enlarging your network! Learn more about the Hertie School community.