External stipends and grants

The Hertie School will actively support admitted students in finding external funding. Please note that the options listed below are not exhaustive and further information on student loans will be provided on request. Please contact us at external-funding[at]hertie-school[dot]org.

The following options are a selection of loan providers that have provided financial assistance to Hertie School students in the past. Borrowing funds is optional and students need to carefully select the loan programme that best matches their financial need. 

Please note that the loan providers listed here are recommendations only and the Hertie School bears no responsibility for any contracts made between students and the loan providers. 

External Scholarships


This scholarship is advertised by the Ministry of Education and Research and aims to support students studying in Germany with a monthly amount of 300 Euro for 12 months.

For more information please have a look at the ministries website:

To be eligible for the grant you must meet the following criteria:

  • MPP or MIA students with no further financial aid such as Hertie Tuition Waiver, scholarship, travel grant etc.
  • Full-time enrolment at the Hertie School for at least 12 more months

Required application documents:

  • Submitted online request MyStudies
  • Explanatory statement
  • Most recent transcript (Bachelor or Master)
  • CV

Please submit your application via MyStudies by Monday, 31 July 2017, 23:59 (CET) if you would like to apply.

Chancen eG

With the Reverse Generational Contract, you can focus on your studies at the Hertie School of Governance, while CHANCEN eG takes care of your tuition fees – partially or in full.

In exchange, you commit to affording future generations with the same opportunity.

Once you start working in public administration, international management or at an NGO and earn above the minimum income threshold, you start making income based repayments.


Chancen eG

+49 (0)2302 2894630





Brain Capital

Brain Capital

Study first, pay later.

Brain Capital offers a flexible concept for students with EU citizenship or a permanent EU work permit to finance their studies based on the idea of the Generation Contract, "Umgekehrte Generationenvertrag (UGV)".

Brain Capital will cover up to 100% of tuition fees. Recipients begin repayments once they begin earning a minimum annual salary of €30,000. Repayments last for a maximum of 10 years and are based on  recipient's earnings, the maximum being 10% of total income. These repayments will, in turn, enable future generations of Hertie School students to concentrate on their studies without the immediate burden of tuition fees.

Brain Capital additionally offers career advice and coaching during your studies and after graduation. [more]


Brain Capital GmbH

+49 261 / 450 934 90





German/EU loans

The following loan options provide funding for students studying at a German university. International students are generally eligible to apply but 1 or 2 German (citizen) guarantors are a requirement.

Studentische Darlehnskasse e.V.

  • The Studentische Darlehnskasse e.V. offers students the opportunity to finance their studies regardless of personal factors such as their parents’ income, the student's age, their nationality, or field of studies.
  • Basic condition: 1 to 2 guarantors (must be a German citizen or permanent resident)
  • Length: up to 24 months
  • Amount: up to 12,000 € (max. 750 €/month)
  • Interest rate: 2 to 6% (depending on your repayment length)
  • Repayment: starts 7 months after the last disbursement (min. 75 €) [more]

Bildungsfonds (Career Concept AG)

  • Bildungsfonds assists students in financing tuition fees and living costs.
  • Eligibility: EU citizenship; non-EU citizens need to provide a German guarantor
  • Amount: up to 40,000 €
  • Repayment: starts upon career entry; 4-10% of monthly income; individual conditions [more]

Additional Links

US loans and financial aid

Since January 2013 the Hertie School of Governance is accredited by the US Department of Education, making it the second university in Germany to fulfill the U.S. agency’s strict requirements regarding the quality of its study programmes and its overall financial stability. US applicants who are accepted by the Hertie School can apply for the following loans:


  • U.S. Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • U.S. Segal AmeriCorps Education Award
  • U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Aid

Deferment Loans

The Hertie School is authorised to certify "in-school" loan deferment applications for U.S. students. An in-school loan deferment suspends a student's obligation to repay prior U.S. Federal Student Loans while enrolled. Students must be enrolled at the Hertie School on a minimum half-time-basis to receive loan deferments.

Please download the form [here]. The Hertie School’s Office Postsecondary Education Identifier (OPE ID) is: 04128700.

An authorised personnel of the Hertie School must sign the deferment form. Alternatively, the Hertie School may attach its own enrolment certification report listing the required information. 

More information about US loans and financial aid

Canadian loans

Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)

The Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) offers student loans financed by both the Ontario government and federal government. The max amount for full time students is 12,240 C$ for single students with no dependents or 19,040 C$ for married, common-law, or sole-support students.


  • Tuition fees

  • Living expenses (books, computers, personal expenses) [more]

Chinese loans

Bank of China

The Bank of China offers loans to cover tuition fees and living expenses for studying abroad at various stages of the student's study, including pursuing a master's or doctoral degree.


  • Max 90% of the total amount of the tuition fees and living expenses of student.
  • Security Deposit.


Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC)

The ICBC offers a Overseas Study Loan to Chinese students studying abroad. The loan covers most of the cost involved in studying for a master's or doctoral degree at the Hertie School.


  • Tuition fees, miscellaneous fees and living expenses.
  • Security Deposit.


Colombian loans


Since October 2017, the Hertie School has a cooperation agreement with Colfuturo in order to promote Colombians' access to high-quality postgraduate education. Colfuturo offers a scholarhip-loan support model, which can provide students with up to US$25.000 per year for a maximum of 2 years. In total, students can get up to US$50.000 and can use the money as they wish to cover their tuition, living expenses and/or campus fees. 

Students may be awarded with a 40% scholarship of the loaned amount if they complete their degree return to Colombia and remain in the country for at least 3 years. They can get up to 40% in additional scholarship money if they work at least 3 years outside Bogotá in the public or academic sector. 

The Hertie School will grant 25% tuition waivers to up to 5 students supported by Colfuturo. Please click here for more information about Colfuturo and here for more information about the agreement.


  • Tuition fees

  • Living expenses (books, computers, other expenses)

  • Deposits


Indian loans


Avanse offers a student loan covering 100% of tuition fees when studying abroad.


  • 100% of tuition fees

  • Living expenses (books, computers, other expenses)

  • Deposits

  • Travel expenses / passage money



India's first dedicated education loan company offers a student loan covering up to 100% educational expenses.


  • 100% of tuition fees

  • up to 100% of living costs

  • up to 100% of other expenses (travelling, computer, books)


Mexican loans


FUNED supports Mexican students to find the best possible programme with the objective of promotion of Mexican society and economy. Work experience and and a good university degree are required.

  • The loan programme offers 20,000 US$ per year.


(Spanish only)

Mexican National Bank

The Mexican National Bank offers a loan programme for masters (24 months) and PhD (36 months) programmes. A certificate proving applicants' English skills is required (TOEFL or IELTS).

  • The loan programme offers 200,000 MXN per year.