External funding: North America


Canadian loans

Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)
The Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) offers student loans financed by both the Ontario government and federal government. The max amount for full time students is 12,240 C$ for single students with no dependents or 19,040 C$ for married, common-law, or sole-support students. [more]

- Tuition fees
- Living expenses (books, computers, personal expenses) 


United States of America

Since January 2013 the Hertie School is accredited by the US Department of Education, making it the second university in Germany to fulfill the US agency's strict requirements regarding the quality of its study programmes and its overall financial stability. US applicants who are accepted by the Hertie School can apply for the following loans:

Deferment Loans

The Hertie School is authorised to certify "in-school" loan deferment applications for US students. An in-school loan deferment suspends a student's obligation to repay prior US Federal Student Loans while enrolled. Students must be enrolled at the Hertie School on a minimum half-time-basis to receive loan deferments.

Please download the form. The Hertie School’s Office Postsecondary Education Identifier (OPE ID) is: 04128700.

An authorised personnel of the Hertie School must sign the deferment form. Alternatively, the Hertie School may attach its own enrolment certification report listing the required information. 


Further Scholarships

This scholarship is advertised by the Ministry of Education and Research and aims to support students studying in Germany with a monthly amount of 300 euros for 12 months. For more information please have a look at the ministry's website.

To be eligible for the grant you must meet the following criteria:

  • MPP or MIA students with no further financial aid such as a Hertie School tuition waiver, scholarship, travel grant, etc.
  • Full-time enrolment at the Hertie School for at least 12 more months

Required application documents:

  • Submitted online request on MyStudies
  • Explanatory statement
  • Most recent transcript (bachelor's or master's)
  • CV

Please submit your application via MyStudies by 31 July, 23:59 (CET) if you would like to apply.


Additional information and funding options

  • The Hertie School will actively support admitted students in finding external funding. Please note that the options listed above are not exhaustive and further information on external funding options and additional options will be provided on request after admission to a study programme. Please contact us at external-funding[at]hertie-school[dot]org.

    The above listed options are a selection of stipend, grant, funds as well as loan providers that have provided financial assistance to Hertie School students in the past. Borrowing funds is optional and students need to select the loan programme that best matches their financial needs carefully. 

    Additional Scholarship Search Engines:

    Please note that the providers listed here are recommendations only, and the Hertie School bears no responsibility for any contracts made between students and the grants or loan providers.