Helmut-Schmidt-Programme (DAAD)


The Helmut-Schmidt-Programme (Public Policy and Good Governance) aims at enabling potential leaders to undergo extensive academic preparation and practical qualification for working in the areas of Politics, Law, Economics, and Public Administration.

The Helmut-Schmidt-Programme includes a living cost stipend from the DAAD and a full tuition waiver from the Hertie School of Governance for the MPP programme. The next application period for the Helmut-Schmidt Programme starts on 1 June and ends 31 July 2018. Admitted students will begin their studies at the Hertie School in September 2019.

Applicants for the Helmut-Schmidt-Programme choose up to 2 universities in Germany and apply directly to their universities of choice. Please note that local DAAD offices do not accept applications for the Helmut-Schmidt-Programme.
If the MPP at the Hertie School is among the programmes of your choice for the Helmut-Schmidt-Programme, please apply via our online application portal and direct all questions concerning the application process to the admissions team grad-admissions[at]hertie-school[dot]org.

Admission requirements

The formal admission requirements for the Helmut-Schmidt-Programme at the Hertie School are the following:

  • The Helmut-Schmidt-Programme is open to candidates from Africa, Latin America, South Asia and Southeast Asia and the Middle East (see list of countries). The Helmut-Schmidt-Programme is also open to candidates from Ukraine.
  • Applicants must have completed an undergraduate degree (BA) or its international equivalent. The last completed degree must not be more than 6 years old.
  • Prior to the study programmes, all scholarship holders will receive a 6-month-German language course from April to September 2019. The language course is compulsory for all Helmut-Schmidt-programme scholarship recipients and applicants thus need to be able to travel to Germany in April 2019.
  • Unless you are a native speaker or have completed your entire first degree at an English-language university, an official English test is needed for your application. The Hertie School of Governance recognizes the Cambridge ESOL qualifications CPE (minimum grade C), CAE (minimum grade B), the IELTS (with an overall score of at least 7.0 and a writing score of at least 7), as well as the TOEFL tests PBT (with a minimum score of at least 600 points), CBT (250 points) and iBT (100 points).

Applications for the MPP at Hertie School are processed online. To fill in our application form and upload all necessary documents, please access the application module via this link.

How to apply

A complete application for the Helmut-Schmidt-Programme encompasses:

  • An updated CV with precise information about your studies and, if applicable, work experience;
  • A letter of motivation which does not exceed two pages in length and tells us about your motivation and personal suitability for the MPP programme at Hertie School;
  • Transcripts and diplomas of all attended universities and/or colleges. Applicants must have completed an undergraduate degree (BA) or its international equivalent. The last completed degree must not be more than 6 years old;
  • English Proficiency Proof Either a letter from the university stating that you have studied at least 6 Semesters at an English speaking institution or a valid English Test Certificate. For more information visit our FAQs;
  • DAAD scholarship application form.

In filling out the application, there are some points to be aware of:

  • Please make sure to list all other universities you are applying to for the Helmut-Schmidt-Programme on page 3;
  • A proposal is not necessary for the Hertie School;
  • We require only ONE copy of each document and it should be uploaded onto the Hertie School application portal;
  • We do not require a signature or photo.

In order to complete your application we also require:

  • Two letters of reference.

Current students and applicants who graduated from their most recent degree less than 3 years before applying must submit two academic letters of reference;

Applicants who graduated from their most recent degree 3 to 5 years before applying can supply one professional letter of reference in place of one of your academic references;

Applicants who graduated from their most recent degree more than 5 years before applying may supply two professional letters of reference if no academic references are available.

The letters of reference must be sent to us directly by the referee.

Selection process

All applications are assessed on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Personal suitability: CV, professional experience, entrepreneurship, international experience, civic engagement. Weight: 40%
  • Academic excellence: Strength of academic background, academic performance – grades/transcripts, general academic qualification, linguistic qualification. Weight: 40%
  • Motivation: Convincing motivation to study public policy or international affairs, motivation to study at the Hertie School, overall coherence. Weight: 20%