International Law and Human Rights Scholarship

Mass migration as a result of political instability and climate crises; the growing wave of right-wing populism and authoritarianism affecting political systems and international co-operation across the world; and the disruptive effects of digitalisation and new technologies on all aspects of life are central challenges facing international public policy today. In the context of today’s rapidly changing global environment, the role of international law and institutions and the extent to which they can safeguard fundamental human rights is more relevant than ever. The International Law and Human Rights Scholarship is aimed at students interested in the role of international law and institutions  in protecting human rights in the context of global governance and politics.

Key facts

Who is it for?

Applicants with demonstrated interest in issues related to international law and who are passionate about tackling the challenges involved with the protection of fundamental rights in global governance.

How to apply

  • First, submit a standard application to the MPP or MIA programme.
  • Additionally, answer one of the following questions in a brief essay:
    • Choose one global challenge to the protection of fundamental rights. Discuss why this is a challenge and what steps are needed to address it.
    • Is international law too weak to guide global public policy? Choose one of the following and discuss: The climate crisis, new technologies, authoritarianism, migration and asylum.
    • Are international organisations such as the United Nations Security Council, the International Criminal Court, the African Union or the Council of Europe effective in upholding human rights in the 21st century?

The additional essay should be sent to grad-admissions[at]hertie-school[dot]org after a standard application has been submitted. The essay should be approximately two pages in length.

Interested applicants should submit their applications and motivation statements before 1 February. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview.