Study abroad

DAAD PROMOS travel grants (MPP and MIA)

About the programme

The programme was established in 2010, replacing the FMS Programme (Freemover Scholarships) at DAAD. The former FMS Programme and current PROMOS Programme share the objective of increasing the international mobility of students in Germany. PROMOS is financed by Germany's Federal Ministry of Education and Research.


All MPP and MIA students completing an exchange (max. 6 months) or internship abroad (min. 6 weeks; max. 6 months) are eligible to apply. 

The region you plan to visit cannot be an Erasmus+ programme country and there cannot be a travel and security warning from the German Federal Foreign Office for your travel destination. Moreover, you cannot have received a scholarship from one of the large German foundations (“Begabtenförderungswerke”) or DAAD for your stay abroad. 

Further details will be communicated in the call for applications that is published in our weekly campus newsletter that enrolled students receive via email.


The application needs to be submitted via MyStudies after the call for applications has been published. The deadline is usually in March/April of any given year.

The country-specific funding rates are defined by DAAD and vary from year to year. Further details can be found on the DAAD website. The exact grant amount will be communicated to you if your application was successful. A selection committee consisting of a member of Curricular Affairs, Career Development and the International Office will select the grant recipients based on the following two criteria:

  • Academic performance / current GPA (50%)
  • Your motivation for the stay abroad and its relevance for your personal, academic and/or professional development (50%)

Contact us for more information about the travel grants and how to apply.