Support along the way

First steps for incoming students

You’ve been accepted to the Hertie School. Now what?

  • You will be sent an email with your study agreement. Read it carefully, sign it and mail it back asap.
  • As soon as we receive your signed study agreement and tuition deposit, your spot in the programme is confirmed.
  • As a next step we will provide MPP and MIA students with a log-in to work through the pre-orientation package on Moodle.
  • Executive MPA students and doctoral students receive more information from their respective programme teams.

Health insurance

In Germany, every student studying at a state-recognised higher education institution is required by law to have health insurance. This concerns all full-time study programmes (MPP, MIA, 1-year Executive MPA and Doctoral Programmes). Valid health insurance is a prerequisite for studying at the Hertie School and obtaining a residence permit. We’ve put together all the info you need on Moodle.


Visa, city registration and residence permit

Depending on where you are from, you will require different legal documents in order to live and study in Germany. Everyone in Germany, including German nationals, is required to register their address within two weeks of arriving. You may additionally require a visa and/or a residence permit prior to entering the country.  Find out how to take care of these admin to-do’s in the Living in Berlin section on Moodle.



Although Berlin is a relatively affordable city, there’s a high demand for housing and finding the right place can be time-consuming. So start early! We’ve put together a number of tips on Moodle to help you along in your search.


Check-in and orientation week for MPP and MIA students

Orientation Week is intended to assure that all incoming MPP and MIA students will receive all of the necessary information for getting settled at Hertie.  Students will also have the opportunity to participate in many planned social activities, in order to get to know each other and the rest of the school community.

You need the following documents to officially check-in as a student at the Hertie School:

  • Original Bachelor’s Degree / Diploma OR certified copies (and copies for our records)
  • Original Undergraduate Transcript OR certified copies (for our records)
  • Original certified translations of these documents (if they are in a language other than English/German/French) OR certified copies (for our records)
  • Proof of Health Insurance Policy in Germany*

*If you do not have coverage, speak to Student Affairs during Check-in

If you have a question about the check-in and orientation week contact us.


Learning German and other languages

As an incoming student you have the chance to attend the intensive German course which takes place at the Hertie School at the end of August. During their studies, students have the opportunity to attend a follow-up course as part of their professional development classes.

Besides the German Language Course, there are different language schools in Berlin. For further information please consult Moodle

The Hertie School also offers a Language Tandem Programme for which enrolled students and staff members can sign up on Moodle.


Scholarships and funding

The Hertie School of Governance offers a range of scholarships aimed at assisting students with funding their studies. [more]


Career services

As a professional school, we support students and alumni in building thriving careers in the public, private and civil society sectors. Successful graduation from the Hertie School opens up a range of professional opportunities in Germany and elsewhere. As a graduate of the Hertie School, you are allowed to extend your residence permit for up to 18 months after completing your studies for the purpose of looking for employment. [more]


Study abroad

Exchange semesters and dual degree opportunities allow our students to expand their horizons and personal networks at institutions around the world. [more]