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Master of Public Policy

Doctoral Programme in Governance


Centre for Teaching Innovations

The centre supports teaching personnel in designing and implementing innovative teaching and learning and facilitates a space for exchanging best practice. It provides individual consultations, didactic resources and training.

For more information, contact Alexandra Mihai or Evelyn Hayn.


Programme contacts

If you have any specific questions regarding the curricula, courses, timetables or other teaching-related matter, please contact the programme teams:


School policies

The Hertie School’s house rules, code of conduct, campus security policy, copyright policy, and list of prohibited network use are all available for download on our e-learning platform, Moodle.



think-cell is an add-in for Microsoft Office that enhances chart creation in PowerPoint and Excel. Even complex charts, such as Marimekkos, waterfalls and Gantts, can be created within minutes. think-cell can also be used to maintain a presentation's structure with auto-updating agendas, and to consistently round numbers in Excel sheets. The IT department and think-cell have made the software available to the Hertie School‘s faculty, staff, and students for academic and non-profit use.

think-cell is installed on all public computers at the Hertie School. To access the downloadable version for your personal computer, or to renew an existing license, please see Moodle for students or InternWeb for faculty and staff. think-cell for Hertie School faculty and staff is available for installation from the Matrix42 Software Depot.

Refer to the online documentationscreen-casts, and knowledgebase to get started with think-cell.

Usage Agreement

think-cell is only to be used for academic and non-profit use, and it is only available to Hertie School‘s faculty, staff, and students. Students, faculty and staff who are no longer employed by or enrolled at the Hertie School or who intend to use the software for non-educational uses will need to obtain a separate license agreement from think-cell. The think-cell license key provided through this agreement is valid for 6 months.



The Hertie School offers a University wide license for the online survey software QuestionPro.

QuestionPro provides you with powerful software for conducting online surveys. The central service is an application that offers survey creation, distribution over multiple channels, and a comprehensive suite for analysing your survey results. Included with the software is the QuestionPro App, a dynamic survey app that offers offline data collection. In addition, QuestionPro Sample offers you access to pre-qualified respondents for your surveys. This proposal details terms with respect to QuestionPro, the QuestionPro App, and QuestionPro Sample. All terms are governed by the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy posted at QuestionPro.com.

QuestionPro is offering a university-wide license to students, faculty members and staff of the university. The university-wide license has all the features that come along with the Enterprise-Edition license of QuestionPro. Every account will have all the Enterprise-Edition features along with full access to the QuestionPro technical support team.

Free registration: http://hertie-school.questionpro.info (You have to use your Hertie School’s email address for the registration)

Login: https://www.questionpro.com/a/

Free online basic survey trainings: https://www.questionpro.com/training/

Already existing QuestionPro user accounts of university members that have been created in the past can be transformed into Enterprise-Edition accounts of QuestionPro. To do so, please contact kundenservice@questionpro.com.