Tuition and fees

Living costs

Living costs in Berlin are still rather low compared to other metropolitan cities. The sum we quote here is a bit higher than average to help you not underestimate costs. An estimate of minimum living costs is currently around 900 euros per month.

Estimated living costs

  • Health insurance: 90 euros
  • Housing: 450 euros - 850 euros
  • Other living costs: 350 euros
  • Total estimated living costs per month: 890 euros - 1,290 euros

International students should, in addition, budget for visa and immigration costs, relocation costs as well as travel expenses.

Student jobs

Where to look for a student job

Hertie School Connect lists information and links to vacancies and professional development opportunities. Any current student job openings at the Hertie School itself will also be listed here.

Here are a few links to other websites listing student jobs:

Legal regulations

With a student job in Berlin, you can expect to earn 9 to 11 euros per hour on average.

Students who are enrolled at a German university are allowed to work 120 days full-time or 240 days part-time per year at a maximum of 20 hours per week. Please note that the mandatory internships required in the MPP and MIA curricula do not affect the total amount of allowed working hours. 

Given the demanding workload of the master's programmes, students are strongly advised not to take on more than they can handle in addition to their academic commitments.

For further details, please visit the following site:

Alternatively, the Student Life as well as the Career Services teams at the Hertie School provide students with more information regarding student jobs and employment during their studies.


Student discounts

Berlin is an extremely student-friendly city with student discounts available for public transportation, the city’s rich cultural offerings (theatre, museums, cinema, etc.) and more. Most banks offer special accounts for students and the International Student Identity Card (ISIC) gives students access to over 41,000 discounts in 120 countries. Find more information about these student discounts and other tips on Moodle.