Payment methods

Pay with flywire

Flywire is a fast, simple and cost effective way to make international payments. Click on the button below to access the Hertie School's flywire portal.

Why flywire?

  • It is convenient, fast, simple and cost-effective.
  • Avoid unexpected fees: Flywire protects international students against inflated exchange rates.
  • Pay in your home currency.
  • Flywire is mobile friendly and secure. Download the Flywire app.

How to pay with flywire

Youtube Preview Image

In this video, we show you how to make a payment with Flywire’s international payment solution.


Pay via Bank Transfer

You can also pay your tuition fees by transferring money to the following account of the Hertie School:

Hertie School gemeinnützige GmbH
DE23 1007 0000 0071 9229 00
Deutsche Bank AG Berlin, Unter den Linden 13 – 15, 10117 Berlin
100 700 00
Acc. No.

Pay via PayPal

Please note that all amounts below include basic PayPal fees. Since the PayPal fees differ from country to country, the exact amount can only be processed after payment. The Hertie School may therefore have to charge additional or refund fees after your initial payment up to the max. amount of 25.00 euros.


Tuition Deposit (plus PayPal charges)
Name of student

German course

German Course
Name of student

Graduation documents

Graduation documents pus PayPal fees
Name of student