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Hertie School and the University of Carthage to organise a summer school in 2020

The Hertie School and the University of Carthage will jointly organise a summer school programme in October 2020.

Participants in the summer school will include Tunisian lawyers, start-up entrepreneurs and other business owners. These participants will be taking modules that will help them improve their soft skills, management skills and their knowledge of Tunisia's legal and regulatory landscape. Furthermore, participants will gain insights into Germany’s start-up scene and best practices that could be reproducible in the Tunisian context. In addition to the classroom sessions, participants will be going on field trips to a variety of locations in Berlin. By means of these visits, participants will learn from the first-hand experience of industry practitioners and entrepreneurs.

In order to further this partnership between the Hertie School and the University of Carthage, the Hertie School recently hosted a delegation from the University of Carthage. The delegation was received by the President of the Hertie School, Prof. Dr. Henrik Enderlein, who underscored the Hertie School’s commitment to the partnership with the University of Carthage in his address: “It is a pleasure to welcome you to the Hertie School, we value our partnership with your institution and we look forward to the positive impact we can make together through the training programmes we will jointly be delivering.”

The 20 participants that will take part in the summer school have already been selected. They include accomplished professionals from diverse backgrounds. With the knowledge they gain at the summer school, these professionals will play a part in strengthening Tunisia's higher education and start-up systems. 

Get an insight into the programme and check out this video:

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For more information on the partners behind this initiative and to get an idea, watch this video documenting the programme.