HEEN Mentoring Programme


The Energy and Environment Network HEEN is an international network of experts promoting a sustainable energy future, based on trust, openness, and curiosity, by facilitating active dialogue, knowledge exchange and professional development. Now, the network comprises around 200 members all across Europe. HEEN is supported by the Hertie Fellows & Friends programme of the Hertie Foundation.  


The HEEN Mentoring Programme for finding practice partners for MA and MPP students of the Hertie School is part of that mission. Students of graduate programmes at the Hertie School write their master's theses from November to May. Practitioners from politics, business and civil society have the opportunity to collaborate with a student on a master’s thesis in English as an external practice partner.  

In the past, practical partnerships resulted in very good master's theses, often long-term professional cooperation, and sometimes even friendships. 

Application timeline and instructions

Academic Year 2023/2024:

To connect with a master's thesis mentor, please follow these steps:

  • Click here to see the list of mentors who have signed up for this year’s programme. As of publication of this list on 18 September, there are 7 mentors accepting applications. Please note: you may only access this spreadsheet with Hertie School credentials (i.e. by signing into your student account).
  • Please prepare a short profile about yourself (not more than 1 page; no CVs unless requested by the mentor) and include:
    • your areas of interest/expertise within the energy and environment field,
    • your methodological skills (quantitative/qualitative methods)
    • your thesis topic (if you have one)/response to the topic suggested by the mentor, and whether you will be working in pairs or alone.

Send your profile to a maximum of 3 mentors by Friday, 6 October 2023 and put in CC. This is required so that we can see who is participating in the programme. You can take the HEEN mentoring gmail address out of the ensuing communication with your mentor.

Mentors select their mentee(s). Once you are selected, please reply promptly to the mentor and put heen.mentoring [at] in CC.

In case of questions, please contact heen.mentoring [at] or Jenny Shirar.