Borders in Transition

Can classic conceptions meet modern challenges? What role do borders play in securing the future of Europe?


Borders, security and the nation-state

Conventional wisdom, or more controversially, populist parties, suggest that borders improve stability. However in some cases, do borders impede our ability to solve problems, and instead, foster instability? How do we balance the rights of sovereign states and the tendency to turn inward during times of crisis with the need for international cooperation?


Technology and the removal of borders

Technology has allowed for the rapid removal of borders in a variety of sectors and radically altered the way the state, civil society, the market interact. It has also created new, more complex borders outside the traditional paradigm which raise new questions regarding law, authority, and privacy. Does technology foster greater interaction with people we otherwise would not encounter?


Borders within society

While tacitly felt, borders within society are often far harder to identify and are frequently outside our perspective. Barriers between classes, urban-rural divides, and the specifics of culture and identity create divisions that impact all domains of society. Failure to acknowledge and respond to these divides can have profound societal and political consequences -- often borne out through the results of elections. How do we identify these borders and lessen the gaps that divide us?

About EPPC

About EPPC

The European Public Policy Conference (EPPC) has existed since 2008, when founder Timothy Reno of the International Policy Leadership Institute (IPLI) first hosted it. Since then, the event has been organized annually by first-year master candidates at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin. Each year they aim to explore a new public policy area by bringing together scholars, stakeholders, and students with a variety of perspectives. The EPPC has been hosted in nine different countries, including its debut in Athens. To celebrate its tenth anniversary, the conference will take place this year in partnership with the European Commission Representation in Sofia, Bulgaria as the organizing committee sets out to explore the topic Borders in Transition.

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